Scooter of the Sea with excellent maneuverability and stability

BlueWay is a marine electric propulsion scooter, similar to an electric SUP (stand up paddle), but more stable with a wider plate and handlebar. Thanks to its reversible directional propulsion, a world’s first, BlueWay has excellent maneuverability. Designed and manufactured by Next Blue Tech in France, BlueWay is extremely robust, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use, making it suitable for everyone between the ages of 5 – 85 years. The autonomy of 7 hours is a first in the electric water sports world and with a capacity of carrying up to three people (max. 150 kg) BlueWay provides pure family entertainment on the water! Discover the coastline with no noise or emission and without getting wet.

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BlueWay’s intelligent technology enables self-diagnosis via App, while its interchangeable elements “Plug & Go” minimize maintenance. BlueWay is a product of great robustness and reliability, specifically designed for tourism professionals.

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Power 2 kWh
Autonomy of 7 hours
Recharged in 3.5 hours
Weight 12kg

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Engine 400 W
Dimensions 250 x 105 x 40cm
Weight 50kg (excl. battery)
Handlebar 85cm
Board is made out of 100% recyclable HDPE

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What is the capacity of the battery?

The battery has an autonomy of approximately 7 hours, a first in the world of electric water toys and a recharge capacity of 1,000 cycles (even after charging the battery 1,000 times, the battery still has 80% of its initial capacity).

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery takes around 3.5 hours to be fully charged.

How do I charge the battery?

The battery should only be charged with the fast charger provided in your BlueWay pack using a standard outlet.

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How fast is the BlueWay? Is it noisy?

The speed is limited to 7km/h in order to ensure the safety of all passengers and to allow the BlueWay to be within the vicinity of swimming areas. 100% electric also means 100% pure pleasure without any disturbing noises. The BlueWay is silent and respectful to others and the environment, allowing you to enjoy the ride in tranquility.

What’s the suitable age group for utilizing a BlueWay ?

Thanks to its wide plate and handlebar, the BlueWay is very stable and therefore accessible to everyone from 5 – 85 years old. Keeping your balance compared to a stand up paddle is very easy and you don’t even have to get wet. However, wearing a life jacket when using the BlueWay is highly recommended.

Does utilizing the BlueWay require training?

The BlueWay does not require any technical training, prior knowledge or level of fitness and riding it is easy to learn. It is intuitive, perfectly stable thanks to its large board (1.05 meters width) and the support offered by its handlebar. The reversible direction propulsion enables it to be maneuverable, allowing to accelerate gradually and to brake.

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How many people can ride on it simultaneously?

The BlueWay has a capacity of up to 3 people with a maximum of 150kg.

Can I ride the BlueWay with my clothes on / without getting wet?

Yes, the BlueWay is perfectly stable thanks to its handlebar and its wide board, meaning you can ride it without getting wet. The board has been designed to cope with choppy water and small swell (max. force 4 and up to 1 meter waves).

Is the BlueWay safe for swimmers who might be behind and close to the board?

Yes, the propeller is enclosed and protected by a grill (no risk of injuries with the motor) and its speed is limited to 7km/h.

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How do I take care of my BlueWay?

As for every equipment and products that are being utilized in water, it is crucial to rinse the BlueWay thoroughly with fresh water after it has been used. We especially recommend to pay close attention to the following:

The area of the electronic box
The battery connectors (without wetting the battery compartment)
The motor
The control box at the top of the handlebar (especially the knob)

Please also use contact cleaner regularly (i.e. Facom 006064 or equivalent) to clean the connectors (the side of the battery as well as the cable).

It is also important to store the BlueWay in a shady place. Please note that the battery should not be exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

What functions does the BlueWay App provide?

The BlueWay can be connected via Bluetooth to a dedicated application. It allows you to measure the level of your battery, tells you the total amount of engine hours the BlueWay has been used, and is capable of performing self-diagnosis in case of any failure.

How to transport the BlueWay?

A transport cart is available as an option. The trolley can be clipped under the board and allows you to simply move the BlueWay™ over short distances, on all types of terrain. You can also fold the handlebar making it easier to store and transport the BlueWay.