Discover the freedom of flying above water

Experience the magical feeling of flying silently above water and being free like a bird – eco-friendly and with zero emission. The Volt3 e-foil line-up is the third generation of electric hydrofoils produced by Mantafoils. Based on years of experience in designing and manufacturing hydrofoils, computer fluids dynamic designed wings provide the best in class stability and an enhanced flight time.

Innovation that moves you forward

Providing one of the safest batteries in the industry, the fully waterproof 50Ah battery, enables you a riding time of up to 180 minutes. That’s the longest flight time in the market and sets a new benchmark.

The smart battery management system allows you to connect to your battery via Mantafoils App to monitor metrics such as temperature, charging level etc. 

Alternatively, you can also choose a 28Ah battery

The volt remote V2* allows you to track your ride via GPS and lets you customize your display depending on what information is relevant for you during your ride. Once you’re back on land, you can replay and analyze your ride (distance, top speed etc.) via Mantafoils App.

*available in June 2022 (all clients that have purchased a Volt 3 prior to this date will receive a complimentary upgrade)

Safety that increases riding pleasure

Anyone who has tried e-foiling before, has probably experienced the moment when you hear the propeller above the water surface and you know you’re about to fall into the water. Mantafoils prop guard embedded stabilizer allows for water breaching recovery, preventing hard crashes on the water surface.

Keeping it cool

The water-cooled ESC  (Electronic Speed Controller) enhances system reliability and ensures long rides – even during the hot summer. While riding, water can flow in and out the compartment of the board, supporting the battery to cool down without harming the fully waterproof power and data connections.   

Inflatable boards are ideal for water sport schools to learn how to e-foil and to store on yachts. Choose between the 110 l (160 x 70 cm) board for lighter riders (below 90 kg) or the 145 l board (180 x 76 cm) for riders above 90 kg.

The larger carbon board with 95 l (160 x 70 cm) is the ideal allrounder for all types of riders. In case you already gained experience and are a more advanced and light rider (<85 kg) who enjoys carving and tight turns, the smaller, 65 l (145 x 55 cm) carbon board is the perfect choice.

With 2 different masts and 2  wings to choose from, there are different combinations to consider.

Choose a 65 cm mast for beginners and e-foiling in flat waters (recommended for inflatable boards and heavy riders) or 85 cm mast for intermediate riders that enjoy carving and flying over choppy water.

The Freerider 1600 cm2 wing is the standard choice of wing that is stable and comfortable for long, smooth rides. Alternatively, the Glider 1350 cm2 wing improves the top speed but with less lifting power (not recommended for sharp turns).

What is the capacity of the battery?

Mantafoils have one of the largest battery capacities on the market. The fully waterproofed 50Ah battery provides you with a riding time of up to 180 minutes, while the smaller battery (28Ah) lasts for around 80 minutes.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The standard charger of 15A takes approx. 4.5 hours, while the fast charger of 25A (can be purchased for an additional charge), takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Who can ride a Volt3 e-foil?

An electric hydrofoil is not a toy, therefore we recommend a minimum age of 16 years. Tall and heavier riders can also e-foil on volt3 Mantafoils and the large 145 l inflatable board is built for riders up to 110 kg.

How do I stay safe while e-foiling?

We strongly recommend to wear a helmet along with an impact vest and to stay away from boats and swimmers in the water. Always check the rules and regulations in your country / area before launching your e-foil in new waters.

How long is the warranty?

Mantafoils provides a one year warranty with the option to extend the warranty for a total of two years (for an additional charge of 800 US $).

How many different board types can I choose from?

Mantafoils volt3 e-foil product line up consists out of four different boards. There are two different inflatable (145 liters and 110 liters) and two different carbon boards (95 liters and 65 liters). Inflatables are extremely stable and therefore ideal for beginners, waters sport centers, hotels & resorts and to store on yachts.

What is the weight of an e-foil?

Depending on the board and the length of the mast, the weight slightly varies but an assembled board weighs around 32 kg.

How do I charge the controller?

Charging the remote controller is very simple – all you have to do is place it on its wireless charging station.